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Never going back - What's her secret Ch.08 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 15 8
Mature content
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.07 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 18 3
Mature content
Nat coming out :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 24 4
Mature content
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.06 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 25 4
Mature content
Nat :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 37 8
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.05
Nathalie was standing in front of the door to the lecture room. Reluctantly she opened the door and walked in. It was one of the smaller lecture rooms and the tables were circleshaped ontop of steps. She glanced at the mostly empty seats and went to find a place in the back. There were few others around, which is understandable since she'd left home early. It didn't really come as a surprise, she'd been nervous about starting. She, or Nathan was afraid someone would manage to see through the disguise or whatever you'd call it. Though he found that to be unlikely, it was still on his mind every now and then. While sitting down he thought back on the month that had passed. Ever since the day he'd put the suit on and talking with his mom, there'd been instructors coming over. Every day except for the Sundays he'd be drilled on things. How to talk, etiquette, manners, how to carry herself in various settings, how to dress, makeup and the list went on. Just thinking about it almost gav
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 21 4
Mature content
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.04 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 37 4
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.03
The key to the door turned and a familiar click echoed inside the great room. Nathan took a deep breath and went for the door knob, opened it and entered. Once inside he took a look around. It was much more spacious than you'd think, looking at the house from the outside. He thought he'd be looking at an empty house, but to his surprise it was almost fully decorated. It looked somewhat old from the outside, but inside it looked like it was renovated yesterday. The hardwood beneath his feet he could almost see his own reflection, as if no one had ever lived there before. He paused for a moment, considering whether he should take off his shoes or not.  "Fuck it, I can clean it up later." he muttered to himself. He dropped his backpack and entered the great room. Furniture was already there. A giant, modern brand new sofa along with a table strategically placed in front of a 70" LED TV. Besides the TV and multimedia bench you could find a well equipped
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 23 0
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.02
There were several knocks on his bedroom door. He didn't even bother to respond. He just wished she would take the hint and go back downstairs. The knocks on the door was much sterner this time around.
"Nathan! You can't just lay in your bed forever, open the door!"
"why? I'm just enjoying my break before I enter college." he muttered.
"Geez fine!" 
He slowly crept out of his bed and went over to his bedroom door and unlocked it. He turned around and went back towards his bed. As soon as he reached the bed and sat down, his mom walked in with a concerned look on her face. She took a quick glance around, noticing how untidy and dirty it had become in the course of a month of isolation. "At least pick up and take out the trash." she said with a demanding look upon her face.
"So, what is it which is so important you had to barge in here."
"Don't pull that attitude with me Nathan, you'll regret it." The serious look on
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 18 0
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.01
Nathan was on his way home. He just graduated from high school and was looking forward to summer vacation. Finally he could take some time off and relax. He glanced down towards his graduation diploma and thought to himself about what to do next in life. He stared out the car window,  lost in thought. His mother, Kimberly glanced over at him with a smile and happy voice. 
“so Nathan, you’ve graduated and I bet there’ll be celebrations coming up. Planning on joining your class mates?"
He thought for a while and just let out a short reply, “I guess I’ll drop by, but it’ll probably be boring anyway.."
His mother noticed his lack of enthusiasm and pried further; “Oh ? Not gonna go off with a bang along with your friends ? What about any cute girls ?"
He thought for a while before replying “Sure I’ll go and show everyone how socially awkward I am at big parties.
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 28 2
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Lingerie shot (sideview) :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 31 10


Mature content
Staci Suit Up: Part 2 (Commissioned) :iconmetrix32:metrix32 75 3
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Black is Better (Commissioned) :iconmetrix32:metrix32 81 2
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Suit failure (Miyuki comic fanart) Part Deux :iconbethelon:Bethelon 236 6
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
M2F Transgendered person. I like stuff, some of it will be reflected on this page. :)


It's been quite some time since I last updated Never going back / What's her secret. I just wanted to let the ones of you who's watching for more in that regard, that I've started on chapter 09. :)

I can't really say anything about when it'll be finished, but rest assured it will continue!
Slowly working on Chapter 05. Imagination can be annoying at times, not showing up at all.

First of all, I apologize for not keeping my promise about next entry in my fiction. To tell you the truth I've been lacking inspiration to continue writing it, hence why it's gotten so slow. It's not that I don't have ideas, it's more that I haven't been in the right mood.If it's any consolation, here's a very, very short excerpt of something I've written so far for chapter 09. 

Nathalie hurriedly dried herself with a towel before she wrapped herself in it. She went over to the bathroom counter and stood there, looking herself in the eyes, while trying to calm down. "FUCK!" she said with a rather loud voice. This was not a situation Nat had prepared for and all that he could think about was that Claire had seen something she shouldn't have. He stood there for several minutes, looking into Nathalie's eyes in the mirrored reflection. "Damnit. I need to talk to her about this," he thought to himself. He'd pretty much calmed down and proceeded out the door and into the hallway, towards Claire's room. He was reaching for the door handle and was about to barge in before he stopped himself. "Wait, what am I gonna say, what am I gonna do?" He stood there for a while, thinking before he just went ahead and knocked on the door.   
I will eventually get back to writing more, so until then, thank you for your patience and interest.

Have a happy easter! :)


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